Hey guys! Another week in sub zero temps in the Great White. I haven’t seen my balls in weeks. Suppose to warm up this weekend so I’ll have a search party over to help me locate them, the more hands on it the better, I reckon!

 *  *  *

 The Gay Flag, take it or leave it

Seems our brothers in Uganda still need our help fighting the war against homophilia over there. A local newspaper supports the new laws regarding the hatred of homos is on a witch hunt spreading hate and publishing names and even pictures of us “criminals.” One of their major advertisers is Orange, so Andre & Jeremy are asking us to join the many thousands in letting Orange know that any friend of the newspaper is no friend of ours and to pull their advertising dollars forthwith. Please go to to read more. Take a stand men, don’t think it isn’t your concern.

*  *  *

Two more chapters of ‘Foster Parent Plan’ will hit the site by the weekend, I hope you enjoy it. I am extremely excited to have a new aid supporting me, Bruce is re-editing some of my original stories that had great story line but poorly written. These will begin showing on my website as they are released back to me from Bruce.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to hug your boy!


Uganda’s Homophobia

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