Alms for the poor

Many kids are going to go without presents under the tree, if they even have a tree. Please open your wallets, buy a gift and deliver it to any fire department or collection kiosk at malls. Let’s start looking after our own less fortunate children. At least a toy in a fireman’s hands will make it directly to the local wide-eyed child, whereas cash donations to charities are very commendable, what percentage of your dollar after admin and who’s desperate kids are they promoting abroad? My grandma always said, “Charity starts at home.”

Also, volunteers are needed by the fire department to deliver presents and food hampers on xmas eve. BE AN ELF. There is nothing more rewarding in life than seeing the faces of a family at the door with a small choir singing behind you. Go home and count your blessings, hug your children, and know in your heart that you made Christmas happy for many others this year!